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At Uniture, we pride ourselves on providing superior lessons to exceed your expectations. Uniture is able to adjust your lesson to fit your  specific needs. Our passion is assisting in your English development, providing you with the tools you need for the future; to use English to unite cultures; to build a brighter global future; to assist in fulfilling your English dreams; and most importantly, to build your comfort and enjoyment using English.


We aim to provide you with the tools and confidence to communicate with people from all over the world, allowing you to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions, or stories about your experiences. Our aim is to encourage a better understanding of cultures, bringing people together. Cultures are precious and gaining a better understanding of other cultures assists people to better comprehend people’s views and ideas more efficiently. 

Our Teachers  
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Teaching is a passion for me, assisting others to share their view, reach their goals, or enjoy their hobby is indescribable. When I first began studying to become a teacher in Japan, my goal was to create a learning environment for others to bloom, to motivate and inspire, to work in tandem with others to reach their goals so they could then move on and make their mark on others around them. I am looking forward to assisting you in any way possible and I give you my word that I will always work for you, to provide you with all the tools you hope to obtain. 

- Don Porten

   Managing Director 


Why We're Great >

We understand no one student is the same, we take your situation into account and create a curriculum to optimize your time over the course of your time. We value your time, a major focus of Uniture is to make the most of your time. We have the ability to offer Japanese staff for your to speak with, allowing you to provide your goals which will then be translated to English for the instructor to develop your personalized lesson.


We would like to not solely teach English, but also teach subjects and topics using English. Developing the student’s cognitive skills using English and identifying necessary questions and answering the posed questions. Building the students ability to discover through inquiring and exploring followed by presenting gathered information.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

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