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Business English 

Build your confidence through industry specific role-plays

Our Business Course is geared toward enhancing your communicative competence in the business world. Multiple areas are targeted, focusing on industry specific needs. Common areas of interest are:

Presentation Practice: assisting in transitions, emphasizing, taking and responding to questions, gesticulating, word choice, and how to prepare and engage people from other cultures in business environments.

Negotiating: Language frequently used in negotiations, cultural aspects, refusing or countering, direct or passive and when to use each form of speech.

Meetings: How to express and support opinions throughout meetings, chair meeting, laying out agendas and flow to each point in the agenda. By having mock meeting specially geared to your specific atmosphere, you will improve your ability with English intricacies.

Conversation Classes

Let's talk about topics that interest you whilst building your vocabulary and strengthening your listening skills

Build your communicative skills based on your interests and is offered for individuals of all age and level ranges from elementary school to adult, and new English speakers to advanced, experienced speakers. A key component is to develop conversational vocabulary such as collocations, natural phrases, idioms, and phrasal verbs. This course will be designed to fit your age, level, interests, and personality. It is sure to increase your vocabulary, grammatical understanding, and comfort using English while expressing thoughts and narratives, as well as forming questions to gather more information.

Moving Abroad

Overcome your fear of talking to people when living abroad...

Improving your conversational ability in common situations you may encounter in your life abroad is the target of this course. Putting you in everyday situations and developing your understanding of how to conduct yourself in English to best handle each specific situation by providing you with common language and developed comfort for each situation such as: grocery shopping, shopping for clothing, doctor visits, airports, hotels, restaurants and many more!

    Returnee Course

Strive to not only maintain but also enhance  your English. 

Maintaining your level which you returned to with is half the situation; furthering your level through academic, more complex situations to build on your English foundation is paramount. This can be done according to the students age and level.

Reading Focus - Developing the student’s fluency through reading while developing comprehension skills, narration skills, analysis, vocabulary, creative thinking and predicting, and writing through the use of novels and other reading material to further the student’s English skills. Regular book reports will be given if the student wishes to be assigned such assignments. .

Test Preparation

You CAN achieve all your goals!

Providing tips and tactics to improve the student chances of obtaining that dream score. The students' ability will be carefully examined to identify where growth is most recommended. A range of test preparation is available, for instance, EIKEN, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, Entrance Exams, or school exams to name a few.

Academic Based Lessons

Develop your academia 

Focusing on subjects which the student wishes to further develop, identifying key facts, and understanding of the subject. The focal point of this course is not simply to memorize information, it is to dig deeper into the subject to understand cause & effect, future possibilities, real life practicality, and inquiring to gain further knowledge through research and presentations. A variety of subjects are offered

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